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  • Enjoy singing and dance lessons with me!

  • Private lessons or groups lessons.

  • Weekend workshops.

  • Presencial and Online lessons (zoom, skype).

  • Lessons in English, German, Spanish and Catalan.

  • Secure payment through Paypal.

 Regular Lessons 


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🎤   Either you love to sing or you need to train your voice for work (teacher, public speaker, therapist, coach...) These lessons are for you!

🎤   All levels are welcome (from beginners to advance)

🎤  Have fun singing songs with a proper music education and/or speaking with confidence and power.

🎤   We will work with breathing, technique, warm up, posture, how to learn a song, rhythm, articulation, posture, performance...

   Additionally you will learn:

  • To build confidence

  • Release stress & tension

  • Learn about different music styles



🎶    With my dance lessons, you will learn not just movements and little routines but also connecting with your body, with music, body presence, posture, body work out...


🎶    All levels all ages are welcome!


🎶    You can change your life now! Let's go!


🎶    With my workshops, you will have the opportunity to enjoy  and learn about music, vocals, dance, style, rhythm, interpretation, performance, stage presence, improvisation, team work...


🎶    Workshops I offer:    


     - "THE DANCE EXPERIENCE"         

     -  "SING, DANCE, PERFORM"                                       


🎶    All ages and levels are welcome!


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