" Tasty NuSoul that brings flavor to your life"

Singles Released

Title:  We used to

Album: Rakelicious

Artist: Rakel Salazar

Length: 04:11

Release Date:  Friday, June 21, 2019

Genre:NuSoul / R&B / Hiphop

Music by:Rakel Salazar

Lyrics/Rap by:Rakel Salazar


Title:  Summer Dream

Album: Rakelicious

Artist: Rakel Salazar

Length: 04:05

Release Date:  Friday, August 09, 2019

Genre:NuSoul / Pop

Music by:Rakel Salazar

Lyrics by:Rakel Salazar


Rakel’s Info

Rakel Salazar is a spanish singer that flavours your life with tasty Nu Soul!

With a multicultural background, the songwriter, dancer and producer was born and raised in Barcelona (Spain), currently she lives in Köln (Germany).

Her creative training began as a dancer and through that she began her career as a singer. 

In 2012 Rakel released her debut album "Confessions in A'dam.

Because of health issues (two surgeries), in 2015 took a break.

In 2016 she became a mother.

 In 2017 she released a remix of "6 over Me", an experimental transformation of a song from her debut album. 

After that she started preparing her second album „ Rakelicious“.



„We used to „

„We used to“ is the first single of her album „Rakelicious“.

It’s a sexy groove song with elements from different styles, from NuSoul to Pop, from Hiphop to „Reggae“... 

The song has everything: nice vocals,  catchy chorus and an elegant and powerful rap with a strong message on top of a hiphop beat.

„We used to“ reminisces about good times, it makes you feel good!

"Summer Dream"

"Summer Dream" is the second single of "Rakelicious".

It's a bright and happy jam with a catchy chorus that brings you a smile right away and puts you in a good mood. It's about enjoying the little moments in life, being in the moment and forgetting about worries and problems. The exactly mood we have in summer!


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