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Rakel Salazar is a spanish singer that flavours your life with tasty Nu Soul.

The songwriter, dancer and producer with a multicultural background (afro-american, catalan, spanish) was born and raised in Barcelona (Spain), currently she lives in Köln (Germany).

Her creative training began as a dancer, which soon developed into a professional career (Olympic Games Opening '92, Tv Shows, music videos and commercials). 

It was through the dance world that she began her career as a singer. She studied "Jazz and Pop music" and performed as a soloist and backing vocalist in various projects around Europe.

In 2012 Rakel released her debut album "Confessions in A'dam", in which she's processing her experiences of living in Amsterdam for several years. 

A dark period followed: From 2015 on she was forced to a creative break because of health issues. 

In 2016 she gave birth to her daughter.

In 2017 she could however release a remix of "6 over Me", an experimental transformation of a song from her debut album.

This marks also a positive turning point in her creative work: Currently she is due to celebrate a big comeback by releasing the new single "We Used To". The single is the first one to be released from her second album "Rakelicious", which will be fully out later in 2019.

Rakel's music is difficult to label. It combines elements from Soul, Funk, Pop, Jazz and Hip Hop. Her songs also tend to have exciting and surprising changes: while a song might start as a bluesy ballad, it ends with a heroic guitar solo with a jazzy touch. Another song might seem to be a groovy and funky tune, while ending with a Hip Hop beat and a Rap.

Each song expresses a different emotion and therefore has a distinctive flavor, which altogether creates a menu: the “Rakelicious” album.









R’s Duo offers soul, jazz and pop music from the best musicians and artists in history (Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Nat King Cole, Etta James, Michael Jackson, Sade, Prince, Alicia Keys...

This Duo can perform in concert format in clubs with a relaxed and elegant environment. The Duo is also very experienced performing as background music at events, weddings, dinners, (business) meetings, hotel lobbies and private parties. The Duo is perfect for anyone wishing to enjoy quality music anywhere. 






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